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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rage you Lose!

Comment with the time it took you to rage!

I raged within the first minute for all of them.


  1. i raged hard on the first video. what a stuck-up little bitch. probably going to be the next paris hilton.

    the second video, i didn't rage at all; i actually laughed my ass off.
    "now you might not take pokemon seriously, but i assure you, DEMONS DO!!!!!" ROFL

    i didn't watch the third to be honest

  2. The first one just seems like a little girl who's been thrown in front of the spotlight. Having a younger sister (5 years younger than me) growing up, I can tell you, all little girls are exactly like this.

    The second one is just too ridiculous to be taken seriously. Crazy relgious nutbars.

    The third one just made me facepalm.

  3. Oh wow. It was almost hard to watch the first. That girl... just, wow.

    The second, typical religious shenanigans.

    What is the third? A rip off of star wars? *sigh*