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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Marble Hornets

This is some weird wacky stuff, watch all the videos starting from the first one.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rage you Lose!

Comment with the time it took you to rage!

I raged within the first minute for all of them.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[TUT] Stealing Money From A Payphone

Stealing Money From A Payphone

This is a tutorial to show you how to get money from a payphone.

This apparently works for the most common payphones, such as:

- At&t
- Quest
- Verizon
- Maybe more... (give it a try)

This is a very easy method, you just need to find a payphone you want to try it on, and follow these steps:

1. Pick up the phone
2. Dial in the following code - 24998-24001-29190-90467-59718-7429-087
3. Hang up the phone
4. Press the change/coin release button
5. A few bucks should fly out

I wouldn't abuse this method, as it isn't a substantial amount of money, but you can get in real trouble for it. But, now you have the knowledge, do with it what you will.

*I take no credit in making this guide I just got this off a forum*

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sup y'all.

Hey all, sorry I haven't posted in a while, been very busy with school work. I promise more new interesting posts, you will not regret following me!, here's a sneak peak of things to come!

Harry Potter Xrated trailer

Also, not all of my posts will be video's.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

People are just amazing

A real post will come soon but this is just so much win.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's facebook fursdays!

Oh hello all, for all you people that have been on my blog before I posted a few facebook threads but now I'm officially calling it facebook fursdays so every fursday I will post new facebook fails.

Let's learn some more English!

This video has so much win, enjoy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bieber haters watch these.

The best video ever.

Guys, we have hope

JUSTIN Bieber is being investigated for an alleged assault.The 16-year-old pop star reportedly hit a 12-year-old boy while playing a game of laser tag — an infrared points scoring gun game — in Canada.
Although the child in question suffered no visible injuries, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are in the process of interviewing witnesses who were present at the time of the alleged incident.
However, Canadian blog spoke to staff at the laser tag center and they claim the Baby hitmaker was cornered by a group of eager fans and “accidentally hit the kid while running away”.
Meanwhile, Bieber has confessed he sulked and cried like a baby when he failed his first driving exam and refused to sit in the passenger seat of the Range Rover his mentor Usher bought for him as a 16th birthday present.
“There was no way I was getting in the passenger seat, bawling like a ten year old,” he said.
“I felt every car driving by was taunting me. Some girl drove by, putting on mascara as she weaved down the boulevard — but she sure had a driver’s licence, didn’t she?
“Some dude cruised by in a truck, smoking a cigarette, which he tossed on the street like the world was his ashtray. I bellowed after him, ‘I hate you!’ It felt so good. I bellowed at the next guy, ‘I hate you too! And I hate you! And I hate you!’ ”

Also, lets hate on this kid!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PS3 Move

Here's my questions:

1.) Is it accurate if your 2-3 feet away from the TV?
2.) Would you recommend this PS Move?
3.) Is playing MAG, RE5, Heavy Rain, Planet Minigolf, etc good with the Move feature?
4.) Do you think I should buy another Move controller right away once I buy the Sports Champions bundle and the Nav controller?

That's it for now.

I really want to get Move just for Time Crisis tbh. But another exception is that I've never owned a Wii! and I want to experience motion gaming already!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

For all us WoW fags out there even though I don't play anymore

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wanna learn english?

Sorry for not posting the past few days, been really busy. I'm back though with a hilarious vid!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Once the premier console military shooter, the Medal of Honor series has lost some of its luster this generation with a couple of less-than-inspiring offerings. Hoping to battle their way back to the frontlines, Electronic Arts has enlisted two development squads (Danger Close for the campaign and DICE for the multiplayer) to help completely reboot the franchise. Can this representation of the current war against the Taliban bring Medal of Honor into the modern era of first-person shooters, or is the game still struggling to get to higher ground?

Since the game isn’t in stores until today, the majority of this review will focus on the single player campaign. Starting up the game I was greeted by a military quote and then found myself riding inside a helicopter. That’s pretty familiar territory for this genre, but the chopper ride does a good job showing off how much work has been spent on recreating the Afghan countryside. In particular, the lighting and particle effects really shine while highlighting the mountainous terrain. So much so, that I can forgive some of the rough textures. Okay, enough talk about the sightseeing. We’re here to get on the ground and kill the Taliban.

Yes, despite the controversy in renaming the insurgents in the multiplayer mode, the Taliban are most definitely the opposing force in the campaign. Playing as Tier 1 Operators and Army Rangers, you are tasked with locating and rooting out these militants from villages, caves, and hillsides through a variety of methods. Maybe it’s just me, but like many military games, the way this variety is presented is starting to resemble an Old Spice commercial. By that, I mean that it constantly feels like I’m getting placed in different situations without a great deal of flow between them. “Look at me. I’m on a helicopter. Look again. I’m in a Humvee. Look down, back up. I’m driving an ATV. Look at me now. I’m calling in air strikes. What’s in your hand, back at me, I have it. It’s a sniper rifle. Anything is possible. I’m on a horse.” Wait, wait… I got a little carried away, that last one doesn’t happen.

What does happen, fortunately, is a stream of intense action and firefights in rapid succession. This hampers the storytelling aspects of the game but it’s thankfully fairly easy to keep track of who is who; for the majority of the game you are placed into the boots of one of three soldiers: Tier One Operators Deuce and Rabbit and Army Ranger Adams. There’s a clear difference between the missions and activities you embark on while playing as each of the different specialists. Tier One operations occupy much of the story, and these are more tactical and stealthy endeavors with a squad of two or four teammates. Since the teams are small, these missions succeed in discouraging players from going in loud and allow for some interesting moments of flanking and calling in aerial strikes on identified targets. There are several firefights can’t be avoided though, and these operatives are certainly capable of looking down iron sights and headshotting Taliban as they peek out from destructible cover. The cover system is actually a little more in-depth than most first-person shooters, as you can slide behind hard spots and lean to the sides to avoid full exposure. Aside from that, these bullet exchanges play out similarly to Medal of Honor’s contemporaries and your squad mates are actually adept at taking down their share of combatants.

The Army Ranger sections are structured in a much more guns blazing fashion and are some of my favorite moments in the game. This is perhaps because I felt more vulnerable with bullets flying everywhere and cover quickly collapsing around me. There are some great moments of providing suppressing fire to allow your teammates to close in on embedded machine guns. This gameplay type is satisfying and stands out as a unique experience amidst a lot of the familiar, yet well done, events that are encapsulated in the five-hour campaign. Yes, the single player mode is concise, but aside from the loose controlling (and frame-rate dropping) ATV section, the entire game is action on top of action. Outside of the campaign, there is also a Tier 1 Mode that is based on playing through each of the single-player levels as fast as possible, leaderboard included. There’re no checkpoints in this mode and the difficulty is upped, so this is for those who like a challenge. I do find it a little odd that Tier 1 Mode rewards players for skilled kills like headshots or melees by pausing the timer for a few seconds. It seems dangerously close to turning this into a Score Attack arcade mode and contrasts with the overall reverence shown towards the subject matter.

I’ve played around two hours of online multiplayer, so I’ll give a few thoughts on it, but it will take significant longer to know if Medal of Honor is going to be an online hit. I will say that it has good framework despite not allowing you to slide into cover or peak out of it as you can in the campaign. It offers the persistent online leveling that unlocks new equipment for three different classes: Riflemen, Special Ops, and Snipers. It also has a perks system that rewards players for kill streaks with either offensive or defensive Support Actions like mortar strikes and UAVs. Medal of Honor supports up to twenty-four players across four different game modes: Team Assault (team deathmatch), Objective Raid (bombing raids), Sector Control (territory capturing), and Combat Mission. Combat Mission is my favorite mode, and revolves around a team goal of either protecting or capturing five consecutive objectives. These matches can be lengthy, but the gameplay offers a nice mix of combat and teamwork although there are currently only three maps for Combat Mission. As for the remaining three modes, there are currently five maps and I find them to be well done, with lots of different paths and opportunities for different elevations. Unfortunately, with the opportunities for vantage points, snipers seem to have the upper hand on most maps. I know I was sniped numerous times after taking a mere few steps from a spawn point. Then again, in other matches I was able to sneak up on snipers as they were occupied with my teammates. To succeed at multiplayer, it’s going to take a mix of classes on each team; without competent snipers, winning seems daunting. There’s also a Hardcore mode that cycles through the three game types (not including Combat Mission). Truth be told, it seems like this title could offer a solid online game experience, but the number of maps and gameplay customization options is limited when compared to other first-person shooter options. I should also mention that in my brief time with the multiplayer, I did encounter one match with lag that made the game unplayable. This will hopefully not be an issue when the servers are more populated.

Medal of Honor is a commendable reboot of the franchise and Danger Close and DICE have taken great strides in catching the series up to its competitors. The single player, while skimpy on story and length, is an enjoyable and extremely varied ride. The multiplayer seems poised to compete well in the market with fast-paced combat and well-designed levels, but the lack of game options and limited initial maps is concerning. Though not feature-rich, Medal of Honor is successfully back into the fray and positioned as a viable FPS option once again.

Overall I give MoH a 9/10 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dumbass Handicap

I don't normally laugh at those physically and mentally impaired but this guy is one exception.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor comes out tomorrow. Tuesday October 12th. I'm getting it for sure only because I've been waiting for a new MoH game for so long and a new genre since all the old MoH's were based during WWII.

Here's some trailers/gameplay to convince those haters

Anyone else getting MoH? It comes out on PC,PS3 and Xbox 360

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Facebook co-founders give $170K to pro-pot measure

California's ballot measure to legalize marijuana has a new friend: Facebook co-founder Sean Parker has given $100,000 to back the proposal.

Parker's donation was reported in Proposition 19 campaign finance filings this week.

And he's not the first big Proposition 19 donor with ties to the social networking site. Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz gave $20,000 to the campaign and has contributions $70,000 overall.

Neither Parker nor Moskovitz are still with Palo Alto-based Facebook, but both still have ownership stakes. Recent estimates put the value of the privately held company as high as $33.7 billion.

"What's interesting here is that (Parker) is a member of the generation that really gets it," said Stephen Gutwillig, a spokesman for the Drug Policy Alliance, the main beneficiary of Parker's contribution. "We think he's pivotal to the future of drug policy reform in the country."

The 30-year-old served as Facebook's first president and helped transform the company from dorm-room project to big business. Parker and Moskovitz have become household names since the recent release of "The Social Network." The film chronicling the contentious origins of Facebook was No. 1 at the box office last week.

Pop musician and actor Justin Timberlake plays Parker in the movie, which portrays him as a hotshot who convinces Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to push out his friend from the burgeoning company.

In a recent Vanity Fair profile, the media-shy entrepreneur is described as a computer-programming prodigy with an uncanny knack for anticipating online trends and a penchant for designer clothes and partying.

At age 19, Parker helped develop Napster, the music-sharing software that turned the recording industry upside-down. He is now a partner at Founders Fund, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm.

Parker did not immediately respond to e-mails seeking comment.

About $1.5 million of the $2.4 million raised so far in support of Proposition 19 has come from the measure's main sponsor, Oakland medical marijuana entrepreneur Richard Lee. The only other six-figure donation not from Lee came from adult entertainment entrepreneur Phil Harvey, who gave $100,000.

Parker's donation came shortly after the Yes on 19 campaign committee reported having meager cash on hand heading into the final weeks before the election. The money from Parker and Harvey went to a separate committee to fund the Drug Policy Alliance's work on behalf of the measure.

Much of the money will go toward a get-out-the-vote campaign targeting young voters and voters of color, Gutwillig said.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hitler and the vuvuzelas

Although this video is quite old and so was the world cup, this still gives me lols every time I watch it, It is just that funny.

this is a dubbed scene from the movie Downfall.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Favourite Junk Foods

What are your all-time favorite junk foods?

Drink: Dr. Pepper or Coke is the only way to go!

Misc: Twinkies! Man they are so good. I could live off them...

Chips: Doritos Sweet Chili Heat are my favorite. I like BBQ chips as well, but Sweet Chili Heat blows them out of the water!

All this junk food is going to bite back when I'm older, but they are just soooo good.

Deep fried beer, anyone?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Minecraft - 50% off during Alpha Prerelease (9.95 euro)

Minecraft's paid version is currently 50% off for the alpha version. In this case Alpha means constantly updated, stable single player, with somewhat less stable multiplayer.

The game is AWESOME.

There's a free version of the classic, but the Alpha really makes it fun by including a day/night cycle and monsters at night

Get it here!

PSP2 to be released Holiday 2011

Developers and publishers have been told that PSP2 will release at the end of next year, a British source familiar with the matter has told VG247.

“We’ve been told it’s coming in late 2011,” said our man.

As has been previously reported, developers have been creating games for the system for many months, with Netherrealm Studios being the first to go on the record and admit it had a dev kit last month.

PSP2 is about as badly concealed as a games system can be. It’s been common knowledge for much of this year that content is being made for the system, and that dev kits are in the wild.

CPU and GPU specs have yet to be confirmed.

A large amount of off-the-record information was released in May 2010, and the flow of rumour has been constant throughout the year.

We were told in May that games had already been canned for the system.
Only last month, Develop again reiterated the fact that numerous developers were creating content for PSP2, saying that Sony was aiming for a “significant launch window line-up”.

Sony has been obviously silent on the chatter, but has gone on the record to say there are “no plans” to include 3D. This tallies with what we’ve been told in the past month.

The machine has a forward-facing and backward-facing camera, and will come with both touch-screen and physical controls.

Given the projected release date, it seems likely PSP2 will be announced at GDC or E3 next year.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh look, another facebook thread

Another facebook thread. Filled with more laughs. This is not the last facebook thread, but if you guys don't like these threads please tell me so, or they'll keep on coming!

L4D 1/2 Sale!

Awesome deal on a great game, fun to play with friends. Grab it now before the sale ends!
Left 4 Dead $6.79 (66% off)

Left 4 Dead 2 $6.79 (66% off)

Left 4 Dead 4-Pack $20.39/$5.10 each
Left 4 Dead 2 4-Pack $20.39/$5.10 each

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Llamas with Hats

This may be old but is still hilarious.

Got a funny vid you wanna share? link it in the comments section down below.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Japanese dude doing fake slow mo

As the title of the post says. WITH PERFECT SOUNDTRACK!

Medal of Honor Beta

Just to let you know the Medal of Honor PC Beta is up until Oct. 7th.
Here's the link MoH Open Beta
You need STEAM to download and play this game, so make sure to get that first!

The actual game comes out the coming Monday on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

See you in game!

League of Legends

Hey guys, I'm back with a new free to play game. League of Legends is what it is called. Some of you may already know about the game LoL but some may not have. League of Legends is basically like DotA, I'm sure everyone know what DotA is. If you don't, Google DotA because Google is your friend.

The creators of League of Legends are the people who created DotA all stars for Warcraft III. LoL is a FTP (free to play) MMO that many people already play, although their server suffers horrible downtime, most of the time while they are up it is fun to play. Even though it's FTP there are ways to spend real hard-earned cash on the game by buying in game currency called "Riot Points (RP)" You can then use these points to buy skins or champions. What are champions? champions are the character you use when you enter a "battle" or "game" you can use any champion you like as long as you buy it. The other in game currency is IP which stands for Influence Points, you get these points from winning or losing games. IP can buy champions and runes. What are runes? Runes are items you buy in the game that permanently boost your champions abilities (EX. MP,HP regen or attack)

All the games I post on this blog are not reviews but a simple introduction, for more information on this game feel free to Google the reviews or visit their main page
League of Legends Main Site

If you would like to play with me add the username "RaisinCrunch" (without quote of course)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


facebook is serious business. Read them all thoroughly I guarantee lols.

Favourite type of game

What is YOUR favorite type of game, or what is your favorite game?

For me I have three categories:

First Person Shooter (FPS)
I love FPS', they are just fun to play and easy. They are so simple, all you got to do is point, move and shoot. Even a 5 year-old can play! My favorite FPS' are:

Counter Strike: Source

Bad Company: 2

Real Time Strategy (RTS)
I love to play RTS games because they require the brain to be in use instead of the mindless running and gunning from FPS games. Although I suck at RTS games I still find them fun to play and a great time killer because I love to build a huge army and see what happens from there on. My favorite RTS games are

Company of Heroes

StarCraft II

Well last but not least is the MMORPG category, I both love and hate MMO's because I love playing them with friends but I hate them for getting so boring afterwords. There's really only one MMO I play right now and that is LOTRO, some of you may have read my previous posts about LOTRO and it is a great game and I am not bored of it. Yet.

So guys, what is your favorite type of game or favorite game? It can be anything from Mine Sweeper to some Hentai dating sim I don't care, just wanna know what you people out there love to play!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hilarious/Creepy Olsen Twins Videos

Well last post till I head to bed, this was a video I came across while wandering around the huge forest of the Internet. I hope no one dies from laughing too hard.

Talking Ravens

Today I learned ravens could talk with creepy voices. This blew my mind away and I know will blow all of yours too, or maybe not. Post your opinions on this, maybe you already knew maybe not.

Lord of the Rings Online

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Just last night I downloaded a MMO called Lord of The Rings Online (LOTRO) It used
to be a subscription game but now it is free. After a few hours into this game it seems pretty fun but like any other MMO it requires time and patience.

This isn't so much of a review for LOTRO but more of my personal thoughts of this game.The first thing you notice after making an account, downloading the game and logging in is LOTRO seems like the Lord of The Rings version of WoW, game play is quite similar so for you people who would like to try the game, you won't have too much trouble getting into the game and interacting with the environment. I haven't gotten to a high level yet but I will post when I do and I shall also post what you can do in the game once you reach a high level because I was told that you can do instances in LOTRO much like WoW so playing with friends is highly reccomended.

If anyone is interested in joining LOTRO, visit their site The Lord of the Rings Online
If you would like to play with me create a character on the server "Gladden" (it's the first one on the list)then add my character "Raisindor).

But if you don't like LOTRO, what MMO's do you guys play? leave a comment below and tell me why you love the MMO you play!

Friday, October 1, 2010


I love Airsoft, and I don't care what you guys say but the mechanics of the guns are amazing and I just love plinking around with them.

Right now I have a Ares M4A1 and an ICS M4A1

How about you guys? Do any of you have Airsoft, if so what do you have and are you a Chairsofter or someone that goes out and play?

Also, I would love your opinion on what you think is better Airsoft or Paintball.
Hey guys, it's the day of the Terry Fox run. For those of you who don't know who Terry Fox is, he is a guy who tried to run across Canada to raise money for Cancer.

Visit for more information.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Awesome song

Just lurking the web some more and I thought i'd share this amazing song with you guys. I love it, hopefully you will too!

How to make Acid

I decided to share with you folks out there detailed instructions on how to make Acid, feel free to post this anywhere else you would like and please do not try this in an enclosed area, let it air out or you'll probably feint and die.


1. Ergotamine tartrate

2. Hydrazine hydrate

3. Hydrazide

4. Hydrochloric Acid

5. Sodium Nitrite

6. Sodium Bicarbonate

7. Diethylamine

8. Ether

9. Flasks

10. Filter paper

11. Heating mantle

12. 2 liter three-necked round bottom flask

Time: Approximately 36 hours.


STEP 1: In a 2 liter three-necked round bottom flask
add to 2 grams of ergotamine tartrate about 1/2 gram
of hydrazine hydrate. Exercise caution when adding
the hydrazine hydrate because it is very poisonous,
particularly to the eyes.

STEP 2: Place a condensing column on one neck of the
flask. Place a stirring device in the center neck and
place a separatory funnel in the thick neck. (Note:
hydrazide hydrate may be added through a separatory
funnel although it is not necessary.)

STEP 3: Place the flask on a heating mantle and simmer
the solution for 2-3 hours while stirring occasionally.

STEP 4: Remove condensing column from flask and continue
to cook for 10-15 minutes or until the original solution
is reduced by half.

STEP 5: After solution has cooled, pour the solution
through filter paper and collect the crystals that
formed. Wash the crystals in a small amount of
absolute alcohol.

STEP 6: Dissolve the crystals in about 30cc of diluted
hydrochloric acid. (Note: diluted hydrochloric acid is
mixed at a rate of 1 part acid to 10 or 15 parts water.)

STEP 7: To the hydrochloric acid solution add about
15cc of a solution of sodium nitrite diluted in water.
(Note: one part sodium nitrite to 10 or 15 parts
water.) Let this solution stand for about 30 minutes.

STEP 8: To this solution add about one teaspoonful of
sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to make the solution

STEP 9: Place this solution in a separatory funnel and
add to it an equal quantity of ether. Shake this
solution gently for about 5 minutes.

STEP 10: Separate the ether solution from the
separatory funnel and keep the ether solution. The
remainder may be discarded.

STEP 11: Cool the ether solution to 0 degrees Celsius
and to the solution add a solution of about .5 gram
of diethylamine mixed with ether.

STEP 12: Maintain the solution at 0 degrees Celsius for
24 hours, stirring it occasionally (perhaps 4 hour

STEP 13: Remove the solution from the ice bath and
allow it to stand at room temperature for about 2
hours, or until it evaporates. The remaining crystals
will be crude LSD.

Obviously you should not attempt this method without at least
some first-year state level Chemistry.

Breathing in the fumes can send you tripping, so be careful.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello All

Hello and welcome to my Blog or whatever you internet hipsters call it, my name is Dennis or you can call me RaisinBran, RaisinCrunch or whatever vulgar words there are out there. You cannot call me a furry. You may be wondering why you have wasted your time reading this and I don't blame you I asked myself the same question when I created this blog.

For those of you who have bothered to read through to this paragraph, congratulations you have won a prize, a prize of knowledge! To be more exact you have won the knowledge to know what exactly this blog is about. This blog is about something that I have no idea myself and will probably stay that way throughout the life time of this blog and maybe the whole lifetime of the internet/interwebz.

If you have bothered to keep reading on this is the end of my greetings to you. Thanks for reading and I look forward to entertaining you with random things from the internet/interwebz and fully detailed instructions on how to do extra curricular activities.