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Monday, October 11, 2010

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor comes out tomorrow. Tuesday October 12th. I'm getting it for sure only because I've been waiting for a new MoH game for so long and a new genre since all the old MoH's were based during WWII.

Here's some trailers/gameplay to convince those haters

Anyone else getting MoH? It comes out on PC,PS3 and Xbox 360


  1. game looks amazing... too bad my xbox is out of commission.

  2. looks cool. if i had some spare chedda i might of given it a look.

  3. I'll definatly give it a rent, but my money has been geared towards other games.

  4. Looks good, but still waiting for Black Ops

  5. For some reason FPS games make me nauseous, and I don't mean that figuratively, I actually get sick playing them.