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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lord of the Rings Online

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Just last night I downloaded a MMO called Lord of The Rings Online (LOTRO) It used
to be a subscription game but now it is free. After a few hours into this game it seems pretty fun but like any other MMO it requires time and patience.

This isn't so much of a review for LOTRO but more of my personal thoughts of this game.The first thing you notice after making an account, downloading the game and logging in is LOTRO seems like the Lord of The Rings version of WoW, game play is quite similar so for you people who would like to try the game, you won't have too much trouble getting into the game and interacting with the environment. I haven't gotten to a high level yet but I will post when I do and I shall also post what you can do in the game once you reach a high level because I was told that you can do instances in LOTRO much like WoW so playing with friends is highly reccomended.

If anyone is interested in joining LOTRO, visit their site The Lord of the Rings Online
If you would like to play with me create a character on the server "Gladden" (it's the first one on the list)then add my character "Raisindor).

But if you don't like LOTRO, what MMO's do you guys play? leave a comment below and tell me why you love the MMO you play!


  1. wow... lotro is subscription free?! i might just check it out now -- it was too expensive tbh with the monthly fee

  2. Well it wasn't too expensive just $15/month but now it's free. I forgot to mention you can get special stuff if you still pay the fee.

  3. I know that if I start playing this, I won't stop. Must resist the urge...


  5. DO IT, I will read. But I get creds for telling you about the game : D

  6. Just played an hour and half of Lotro, i love it. Aside from the shitty chat system, I can't wait to buy a house and just chill.